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August 19, 2004
Portfolio Review

Lime Studios, Santa Monica

Lime Studios invited us into their great new facility for audio post production, and we filled it with people and portfolios. Lively presentations from Team One's Chris Graves, O&M's Karine Saadoun, and Ground Zero's Kristina Slade led to much networking and looking over of each other's work by everyone present. Are portfolio reviews great? Yes. So great, in fact, that we decided to start up a regular portfolio review course, which we'll be beta-testing through the rest of 2004. Stay tuned for details. Our deepest thanks to Bruce, Loren, Mark, Hélène, Jessica, and Rohan of Lime Studios who were there at the conception. (Photos by David Fukumoto.)


June 10, 2004
Creativity Beyond the Workplace

Stimmüng, Santa Monica

Stimmüng (one of the country's leading music and sound design shops) opened their doors to the Club and we stepped right in. An evening of creative risk-taking, and learning some of the nuts & bolts of independent filmmaking, book publishing, and home recording. Stories were read. Songs were sung. Art was gazed upon. Films were screened (see below).

Scenes from films by Armen Ohannessian, Paul Elliston, Michael Stahlberg, and Gregory Lemkin.
Please check out Stimmüng's work. Their web site is well worth a visit. Our deepest thanks to Reinhard, Ceinwyn, Kelly, Morgan and Kathleen for making us feel so welcome.
They do know how to take care of creatives.

March 18, 2004
Spec Spot Spectacular

Greenway Arts Alliance Theater at Fairfax High School

It's amazing what people are willing to do just to make a TV commercial. They'll even pay for it. And that's what this night was all about. Some 75 very entertaining spots were shown over the course of the evening, to directors, editors, producers, and of course, to creatives. It was a great success, and we'll definitely have another one of these soon.

Jeff Nicosia and Dina Mande from Group101, the spec work dynamo that provided half of the program, discussed their approach to making high-production commercials on a low budget. Cards were traded. Scripts were passed around. All in all, an evening that was clearly from the heart of the LACC's mission: it's all about the work. (Photos by Roger Poirier.)

Scenes from spec spots by Anthony Dalesandro, John Shotwell, Nick Santana.

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